Architecture is the practice and product of effective building design. It is the embodiment of a sound urbanism. It is concerned with the enclosure of space, the articulation of form, the deployment of technology and the arrangement of resources. Its purpose is to support, enable and shelter human activity in a clear, ordered, prudent and meaningful way. It should offer functionality, convenience and comfort, but can also engage and delight both the mind and the senses.

Building is the medium of architecture. Buildings are the product of an individual’s, family’s or community’s adaptation of the earth’s topography and biota to provide for their needs and desires. To be fully economic, sustainable and resilient, buildings need to embody the principles of earth-care and resource efficient design.

Architects are specialists who work with clients to formulate, plan, design, secure permission for and procure building projects.



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interior of Grosvenor Hill building

50 Grosvenor Hill